About Fieldstone Farms in Rock Spring, Walker County, Georgia

About Fieldstone Farms


Fldstone Farms is a subdivision located in Rock Spring, Walker County, GA.

The homes within Fieldstone Farms are considered to be in a Homeowners Association, or HOA, known as Fieldstone Farms Owners Association. Fieldstone Farms Owners Association is a nonprofit corporation. If you purchase or have purchased a home within Fieldstone Farms, a contract must be signed agreeing to abide by all HOA rules on file at the Walker County Courthouse. While the terms of most contracts are able to be negotiated, the contract with Fieldstone Farms is nonnegotiable. Most contracts, excluding HOA contracts, have exit clauses. The only way to exit the contract with Fieldstone Farms Owners Association is to leave the neighborhood completely.

On file at the Walker County Courthouse are the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, the Rules and Regulations, and the Bylaws. It is advisable to take a trip to the courthouse to read the several hundred pages of paperwork on file to make certain you truly understand what Fieldstone Farms Owners Association requires of a homeowner. It dictates what you are permitted and forbidden to do to the exterior of your property. This same paperwork is on file, verbatim, for numerous other HOAs across the country.

Some real estate agents are reluctant to explain exactly what an HOA is, or provide potential home buyers with copies of rules that are on file at the local courthouse. After all, how attractive would it be to inform clients they must sign a contract to put them in an authoritarian community? This isn't attractive at all for a real estate agent, who needs the commission for the sale as income. Buyers may even be told property values are much higher for homes within the HOA. There is not information to substantiate that claim. Property values are determined by zip code, and there are not different standards for pricing homes within HOAs. Fieldstone farms is presented as a wonderful place to live and a good property investment, despite evidence to the