Amenities at Fieldstone Farms

Amenities at Fieldstone Farms


Potential home buyers are lured with the amenity of a spring fed lake. The lake sits on property not owned by Fieldstone Farms Owners Association, has multiple no trespassing signs posted at the gate, and is for sale. A small gravel road leads to the lake, and several car paths lead to various areas of the fields surrounding the lake. Should you decide to go to the lake, you will find empty beer bottles and cans, assorted trash, and areas where non-residents have driven donuts in the fields.

The neighborhood is within walking distance to the new Saddle Ridge Elementary and Middle School, as long as you are willing to let your child walk on a busy 5 lane highway. The highway has no sidewalk.

There is a neatly landscaped entrance complete with large sign to welcome residents to the neighborhood. This, and several other small strips of land that require landscaping, binds the HOA together. Without the small amount of land that requires care and the streetlights that need electricity, the HOA would most likely have no reason to exist.

While fiber optic cable is not available, there are underground utilities, landline telephone service, cable, and city water & sewer. The streets are lit at night, and sidewalks line most of the streets. There are several areas where the sidewalk stops and starts again, and even places where the sidewalk is so slanted it is impossible to walk on.

When the neighborhood was designed, a swimming pool and clubhouse were planned amenities. These have not been built, and there are no known plans to create them.